Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two sites Get Hacked by Digg!!

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It's Not the first time for digg hackers to hack others' sites..

The Fist hack:

three months ago someone tried to hack digg, by generating automated diggs to stories, this guy published his hack methodology on his site Spike the Vote but digg hacked this site and replaced his homepage with:

The Second Hack:

Today digg hacked ( who tried to copy digg site.

Look at the following screenshots, the first one for dig and the second one for supergu (before hacking)...

Front Page:

Digg hackers decided to close this site .. and they replaced the home page with :

"Does anyone know where this "company" is located? Seems like the antics of a shady Russian/Israeli/Eastern European company, right down to the lame message replacing their front page."