Thursday, January 11, 2007

4 Tips to Get More Diggs

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Here you are some tips that may help you to get more diggs:

  1. Your Digg Account Image: chose a image to upload (red, yellow blue..), don't leave it blank, because the colored icon will attract the user to read the story title
  2. Story Title: Try to be very descriptive in your title, and not too long, and use capital letters for important words... also try to put some popular keywords in your title to get more visitor to your story from the digg search.
  3. Description: Try to put most of the information in your digg story in the description because this will encourage the user to digg/Comment on your story before visiting the site
  4. Digg me Icon: don't forget to put the digg me icon in a visible place at the top of your story.