Saturday, January 6, 2007

One Adsense trick will double your revenue

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Thanks to Ajax Projects

There are three factors in your Adsense revenue

1- Number of page views.
2- Percentage of clicks.
3- Cost per click.

I will not work in the first two point you can see any other tutorial in how to increase your hits or how to place your adsense units.

I am focusing on the cost of each click, one click can be more than 20 other clicks.

The trick is

"The minimum ad units you will have in a page, the maximum revenue you will get"

My advice is to put only ad unit in a very effective place in your site because the user will click only once on your ads :) so why you are putting many ad units?

I've tried this trick myself and it's working with me.. try it and tell me the result.